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About Us

about us

Who We Are

Our first location was an indoor CQB office building where we provided events and CQB training to give an unique indoor airsoft experience. We now started with a new journey where we want to show the whole of Europe what we have to offer.

Let imagine an event where we are combining the talent of a moviemaker and the vision of an experienced team of airsofters to make action-packed events.

We are well known for our strict safety rules. We know that to enjoy our sport, you have to be safe.

Our goal is to always go that extra mile, to make an event memorable for our participants.

We hope to see you on the field at our next event!

Indoor CQB

You know us from Combat City. Airsoft training & skirms

CQB Training

Open Skirms

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Upcoming outdoor events at unique and awesome locations!

Force on Force Simulation

Unique Locations

Reactive Storyline


What People Say

“Great CQB location with fun gamemodes. Great organization, good catering and nice variety of gamemodes. I recommend this location to anyone to visit. Only played the open skirms and the smoke machines filled the entire area with smoke. All and all a great day!”

R. Vis

R. Vis

“Fun and usefull workshop/training for CQB (beginners course).”

M. Len

M. Len

“My first airsoft experience was at Combat City, which was just awesome! I made lots of new friends and because of this I started playing airsoft. Their organization is friendly but strict in safety. I can’t wait till the first event starts. Count me in!”