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Participant Agreement

Participant Agreement

To participate at a Combat Events major event you must accept the following:


  • You will abide the local laws of the country where the event is given.
  • You will not be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drugs during the game.
  • You are eighteen years of age or older.
  • You have read and abide by the rules posted on the Combat Events webpage.
  • You will follow the directions of the Combat Events crew and its Officials.
  • You will not spread any rumors or disinformation during the event.
  • You must bring valid identification, like a passport or a driver’s license with a picture.

Note! If you break any of the rules above your ticket will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the game-area.


Combat Events cannot be held accountable for lost or broken materials during the event. Combat Events will not be accountable for theft, personal injury or disease that occurs during or after the event. Any crimes committed in the game-area should be brought to local authorities by the participant. You attend “Immortals” at your own risk.


As a participant you must have your insurance in order and bring the relevant papers in case you need to seek medical attention at a local hospital. If you need to visit a hospital or dentist in a non-emergency situation, Combat Events will help in anyway but cannot arrange free transportation.


Combat Events does not give refunds on tickets. If you due to unforeseen circumstances cannot attend the event, all sales will be done by the owner of the ticket. Should a Combat Events event be cancelled all ticket holders will be refunded minus the insurance fee (5 Euro) . Therefore the refund will be slightly lower than the initial price.


The ticket you buy is an e-ticket which means that it is digital, keep your ticket-ID written down and keep it safe. Use it only in communication with us.


Combat Events cannot promise any certain amount of action or fun during our events, we only provide the platform, story and logistics for the game. It is on your own responsibility to make the game fun for yourself.


After arriving at the game site, Combat Events does not provide any transport service on the game-area. You will have to be prepared to walk to your base, camp, safe-zone, respawn during game.


If you have lost equipment found by Combat Events, we cannot be held responsible for your equipment. Check the lost and found box before leaving the game-area. All costs regarding shipment & handling of your lost equipment must be paid by you in advance.


“Immortals” is not a MILSIM, but an airsoft games with some elements of milsim and LARP.


Combat Events does not provide any tents, sleeping bag, mattress or electricity on site. It is prohibited to bring larger tents than necessary, due to the facts that space is limited.


Combat Events reserves the right to raise / lower the prices for unpaid tickets and services at any time. The current prices are based on Euro’s. Tickets already bought by players won’t be affected by this.


Combat Events reserves the right to use any photo- or video material taken by crew or players during the events for commercial/marketing purposes. By agreeing to this you acknowledge that you might be photographed or filmed at some point during the event.


Combat Events reserves the right to hold a participant financially responsible for lost or damaged property at the premises of the event. If payment are not made on-site, an international debt collection company will handle the matter in the participants country. We are guests at the sites we play at, therefore all participants must keep in mind that property that may get damaged are not there to get damaged and will be held responsible if this is done so on purpose!


Only Bio degradable, non-toxic BBs can be used during the event. Players using non BIO BB’s are committing an environmental crime in the country where the event takes place and can be held responsible with all costs concerned. We recommend all players to use BIO bb’s with 18 months outdoor degradation-time or less.


You will bring protective goggles, ID, an orange death-rag and booking number for approval at Check-In.


To play with a HPA-gun at “Immortals”, you as a player are responsible to offer a way to restrict the air-pressure of the gun. (Tournament Lock)


As a participant at Combat Events you are not allowed to sell products or services at the game area without prior consent of Combat Events. Please contact info@combatevents.eu


You are not allowed to fly an UAV (Drone) in connection to the game area without prior consent of Combat Events Crew. Please contact info@combatevents.eu